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Osoite:Gailīši, LV-4025, Skultes pag., Limbažu nov.
Puhelin: +371 26160060
+371 29507041

Skulte Manor is a cultural and historical object, member of the Association of Latvia’s Castles, Palaces and Manors.

A beautiful place for lovers, work collectives in 60 km distance from Riga in the direction of Tallinn, 6.5 km from Skulte seaside.

The guest house is ideal place for organization of collective events: big hall, bathhouse with humidity control system, swimming pool, hall with a fireplace, big terrace, comfortable double rooms (16 beds). Also rent of bicycles, organization of children’s parties, transport services to/from Riga and other places is offered to the vacationists. Catering – per prior agreement.

In the territory of the manor there is a large ancient park with centenarian trees, beautiful channel with a romantic bridge, large lawn for sports and recreational activities, place for tents and fire, volleyball court, convenient parking lot.

You will be very welcome!

Skatīt "Skultsmuiža, SIA", juridisko informāciju.

Y-tunnus: 44103115815
Laillinen osoite: Limbažu nov., Skultes pag., Skultes muiža, "Gailīši", LV4025
Founded: 14.03.2018
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